Ohio Accurate Service

Same-day delivery of time-sensitive
shipment in Ohio is our specialty.


Headquartered in Cincinnati, we are a courier company dedicated to providing high-quality pickup and delivery services to our customers throughout Ohio.

We add value to our customers through optimization and accuracy, and deliver the highest levels of performance and customer service to our partners throughout the state.

Our model combines cutting edge routing and dispatching software with certified couriers to produce a versatile delivery network that can handle all types of deliveries safely and quickly. With this model, we provide custom yet cost-effective same-day, Scheduled, Stat, and On-demand delivery solutions for health systems, businesses, and organizations across Ohio.

Your Same-Day Courier Solution

Our approach to service is founded on the understanding that behind every parcel we deliver, there is a person who deserves timely, professional, and reliable delivery. We strive for impeccable service, and provide our customers with the quick, consistent, and accurate courier services they need to serve their clients, run their businesses, and grow their operations.

Count on Ohio Accurate Service for always
on-time deliveries anywhere you need.